lala exodus, chapter 17

tired as all get out, trying to stitch together different possibilties
before I lose the fabric of LA,
and each day is another reminder that I cannot ignore small responsibilities without high cost.

Luckily forest fires and 114 degress predicted for Palm Springs
have kept my landlords cool about when i depart.
Wednesday, Thursday a.m.?
But the couch s out of the house, thank goodness, and 1 daybed and two desks later, that's all the really big stuff.

Was down in west L.A. eating in the afternoon, read until 3:30 but maybe missed you by minutes
so will call again Monday, a day of post office craze, box after box sailing to the Imperial City, dragging me in their wakes!

Sandi stuck up a video of rulebreaker from the BHB,
and on Saturday night for about five hours it was the 13th-ranked muzik vid on utoob, hilarious.
I wish we could put something up every day . . .