The Light at the End of the World

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If I was prone to jealousy I’d hate Blue’s guts. He’s a helluva writer.
— Will Rokos, Oscar nominee for best screenplay (Monster's Ball)
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You shoot because it's easy. A monkey can do it. 

But you tell stories with these images because there are things I want you to know.

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MARCH 2017 Feature

the nude in the museum

from the eBook coming to Amazon this spring

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by Seanie Blue

Skipper is a memoir and was never intended to be an audiobook. But the first few chapters were recorded by Sean, whose voice has been described as a "velvet foghorn," and the reactions were firm: more, more, more. So here is partly recounted the very strange childhood Sean spent as the son of a gentleman spy in Lebanon, and then on the run in Asia and Europe as a massive search for the family was organized by Skipper's ex-wife and the U.S. government.

Updated as of December 2016.