Wasp Ornament


Outside Tucumcari, New Mexico, I notice this enormous creature smashed against the grille of an SUV filling up for gas. Soon there is a crowd around me, and a woman tries carefully to pull the bug off its deathbed. The operation is interrupted by the Texan yuppies who are nervous at the attention: "We can't wait around for this, that's enough," and they drive off in a rush even though the sky is beautifully blue and the morning is already hot with caution. But i saw the yuppies' child watching me take pictures, watching the removal of the bug and how important we all thought it was to get it off intact. The little girl in the back seat wasn't ready to go. How different it might have been if the yuppie parents had taken a moment to celebrate this odd collision of nature with schedule. They might have noticed the unique blue of the bug's body, reflecting the brilliant sky from which it was snatched. And of course the wasp or hornet was still alive, twitching, its innards gone since its stinger was missing. Hard to put a stinger into an SUV. Did the daughter learn all this, I wonder?