Polar Bear Drowning: Initial Contact

Thanks for writing back and thanks for expressing interest in the polar bear / executive assassin piece. I'll be in Lalaland until Feb 17. I'll send you some dialogue and some general scene descriptions as soon as I get out to LA, just so you can get the idea in mind of what we want to do. It's not just a scene, but a shoot.

The nudity is critical, but so is a sense of mystery. I would cast you as some sort of shy, first-time escort or companion to an engineering executive from a company like Bechtel, and he's very intrigued by the idea that you're really a good girl and not a veteran lap dancer (which he is used to employing on his business trips). This would be shown in flashback, AFTER we've seen the scantily clad woman on her cellphone with the executive bloodied in the bathtub. I bring up the “nudity vs. mystery” because I want you to understand that the nudity is the shock element to my desire to push the polar bear message. There is this line stuck in my head: "Looking for a floe to stand on," and I think the image of these bears slowly swimming to death will be constantly on the collective consciousness during the next decade of climate change. I want to use the nudity to hammer these lines over. The frat boys will sit there gaping at the nude babe, but the message will sink into their skulls. So everything about the shoot is entertainment, every detail goes into the piece: make-up, undressing, rehearsing, waiting on technology, rehearsing. The camera will constantly be on the model during the shoot, filming everything except when she has to go potty. I am not interested in crotch shots or smiling "come-and-get-me" cheesecake, but the nudity is essential, and that means continuous filming, emphasizing not only the scene or the action but the process. You might be asked to undress or get dressed 30 times, since it's this act and not the actual nudity which I think captures and bedevils the frats. If you can do this and maintain a sense of integrity and purpose the whole time, I promise to make you look intelligent and dangerous. No cheesecake. There would also very importantly be a softer side to the story and scene, which makes the reader or viewer interested to know more about the character, Holly Feel.

And we shoot at whatever time of the day you're most comfortable: evening, we shoot evening, morning, we shoot morning.