Places I Dream About

Saw this place outside San Diego, on the border with Arizona, and have always wanted to go there. Called the Algodones Dunes. I always hear about the valley of ghosts or goblins, and how eerie the place seems to everyone, but never know where it is. Well I just looked it up: Goblin State Park. In the southern part of Utah. Also in Utah, just another attraction among many, are the Bonneville Salt Flats. I spent the night in them once, in 1981, and it has always been just a few miles out of my route ever since. Here are some pictures of the Bonneville Flats, where I'd love to shoot with a model. I think the artwork for Pink Floyd's album "Wish You Were Here" had photos and artwork from Lake Powell, but now I'm not sure. But this is definitely a place to go off-season. Also in Utah, near the Grand Canyon.

Why aren't we here? This is on one of the many peaks of the Glacier National Park. Located in Montana, on the border with Canada. This is probably one of the most important destinations in my life at the moment.