Rilo Kiley Has One Great Song


There might actually be two on this ridiculous album called "Under the Blacklight." Sheryl Crow light, with more tinkle and twitter. And a massive song, just beautiful: "Are We Breaking Up." Heard it in Iceland and been obssessed with her ever since, until I got the album in my hands and listened to it; total embarrassment. A song partly sung in Spanish tells you all you need toknow, that Rilo knows nobody who speaks Spanish, coz they never would let her leave the gate with such comical pronunications. (And this comes from somebody who sounds like Maurice Chevalier singing Zank Evan for Little Gurlzzz.) Ignore this album. (But then the update: Anne McGinn tells me to give the album a second listen, and that I'll find something better, and I do, and I do. There are three good songs on the disc. I'll admit. But still, there is dross.)