Promiscuity Punished

"Loose Girl" is the story of Kerry Cohen's life, wherein she evolves from confused loose teenage cannon to confident psychologist and human sexuality expert. Book is utter bullshit. It might sell only to readers with prurient inclinations toward both dirty sex and confession. Why can't female sexuality ever be portrayed properly at bookstores? Is Hell paved with notches showing every boy a girl ever allowed into her pants? Even this book, which purports to be of a journey from anxiety to confidence, can't help but degrade promiscuous behavior. Probably because society's bookstores are run by men, assisted by women who want things to be run by men. Well, almost everyone goes from teenage angst to a sense of midage mediocrity, and Cohen's story is just more proof. Anecdote after anecdote reveals Cohen's current apprehension about her past behavior, when every tryst underscored her neurotic personality, but to Cohen this is a shocking scientific evolution, and she fails to see the other side of the equation: the millions of men who buy porn every month on their business stays in the local Hilton who are looking for a glance at the good girl next door who has the guts to do something naughty even if people are looking. Rent the movie Belle du Jour instead of buying or borrowing this tripe from Kerry Cohen. Or you can read an excerpt from my own treatise on sexual power, my forever-unfinished but still-expanding Burn & Scar.