short note to a model on her break

You've just gone upstairs and disturbed your break.

I am trying very hard not to give you too much positive feedback, but the enthusiasm has to leak out somewhere, so I will give it to you here, in digital time. The camera, even, begs me for scenes and words, demands creativity on the spot, because the model has the brain to defend the look, and this is like a zoologist seeing an albino clouded leopard on the slopes of the Inner Dolpo, and event you cannot expect to repeat in a lifetime. But you know all this, or sense it, and do not need to hear it from me. Keep building on the scholar, make sure she is as full as the comedienne or the shy businesswoman, feed her wonder and wisdom, and she will give you a self you cannot imagine and cannot plan for. A super hero who wears the future as simply as the light reflects your skin. The beauty is in the mind of both the perceiver and the achiever. You know this. It's my short destiny, my task for Thursday or next week, to make you say it in such a way that anyone who listens to you can believe it. About you and about himself or herself.

Okay you are now coming down the stairs. Back to work.