Defending Britney

My BadTV partner Sandie Black posts her Britney Spears video spoof and it's a hit, particularly with the Youtubers we've come to know in the past year of BadTV's presence at Youtube. Usually, Sandie gets death threats and imprecations directed at her when her offbeat parodies go up online, but not this time. One exception comes from a poster named richie867, an admirer of Hannah Montana, who writes BadTV to tell us we are simply jealous of Brit and that we should leave her alone and that Sandie is a bitch. Of course we respond directly to Richie, and leave this candid message on his youtube channel:

"I'm glad you came to Britney's defense after we posted our video. She's one of the hardest workers in show business, and we admire the way she's used her talents to become such a force in entertainment. Of course we are jealous of her and wish we could have the opportunity to impact society in the same way, and this means we are likely to do small, petty things when we can to take advantage of her skills and connections. But make no mistake: she works harder than anyone in the business and we compare ourselves to her in this sense every day. How can we do more? How do we turn our days into 12 hours of dance and choreography and song-writings and recording? She inspires us to work harder and kick butt exactly the way any artist would inspire us."

You can see the video yourself by clicking on the banner below.