Seanie Blue in Action

New Fashioned Girl from the musical by Seanie Blue and Peter Fox

I don't get to act much any more, unless it is in real life, but it's fun to watch and wonder why you don't do more of it. Here's me acting away with Internet star Kyla Cole. How many scenes are there in these movies shot in Spain and Mexico, in the Benelux and the Arctic? But proper manners and real life intrude, the escapes get tighter and pricier; the mill, pressing your life into an oil to pour over society's grinding cogs, jeez, why doesn't civilization want you to express yourself? I'm not talking about what you watch, but about what you make. On the phone with a friend last night who is choosing between safety versus time, I blurt out a hilarious line: "Creativity is the only thing you've got that will still be here after you're dead and gone." We don't know too much about how Bach's family felt and thought, but we hum his tunes. He had seven kids and you can't find the ancestral line today if you lived in his hometown, but we still hum his tunes. And once upon a time, in third grade, we were all little Bachs, pitch perfect and singing our heads off. Now we listen to Glenn Gould playing the Goldberg Variations as we plot our tiny flights into fancy, into worlds we've created all on our own, which we hardly dare populate because of the fright of our family's vacation without us. And even as I write, silly old fool, I am prepping myself to resume the regular programming.

Posted by Seanie Blue on Friday, September 4, 2015