A Live Performance, Finally!

Presently circulating the promo stream in cyberspace

A lecture by Mr. Blue about love & celestial mechanics
presented in Photographs, Videos, Song, Poetry & Economics

This SATURDAY at 6pm at CDIA in Georgetown
NOV 16 • Lecture begins at 7 sharp
1055 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW

Sean first went to the Arctic Circle looking for the Aurora more than a decade ago, and next Wednesday he goes back for the 14th time. He went to get over a broken heart, looking for inspiration from the sky. But in the stars he found a way to remember the love affair differently, and by confronting his memories he was forced to see differently: Why pursue love, to what end, or for what purpose? Falling in love is easy, but remembering its collapse and then writing its history can become either a tiny jewel of art or a lifelong obsession.

He'll be at the CDIA school in Studio A on Saturday evening to make a presentation of his explorations beneath the Northern Lights, and since he teaches at CDIA there will be an element of discovery in his lecture. But this is not a classroom, and there is no textbook for his subjects: photography and memory will bind his stories about Iceland, Vikings, George Orwell, perfect pitch and the way we remember songs, and how homo sapiens defeated the Neanderthals because of a small bone in our throats that lets us sing to our mind's delight.

If you live and die by your camera, or design for a living, you won't want to miss this talk. Because of all the points he wants to make, Sean will be sure to remind you that his chase of the Aurora is something all of us can do, cheaply and easily, as long as we are willing to spend a little passion.