andy's bidet at the box

Just an ordinary photoshoot while we've got Maya Nelson Wolfsdottir in town and since it's Andy's birthday. But a friend pops in, and then another, and another, and before you know it cameras are bristling and the atmosphere is brewing. That's when Sandra, our very own social vampire, breaks herself out and decides to do an Arctic dance with Maya; one thing leads to another and this video is the result. Andy's birthday is coming up soon, so we'll be sure to get you an invite!

bdaycu 1100 32-39.jpg

Andy's birthday is not an event to sneeze at. Or to sniff or sneer or snooze at. Andy's birthday is about the confluence of wind and rain, traffic lights and Boursin, widows and woolly bison. He gets dolled up in the facepaint, a reflection of his native tides, and Sandra and Maya pose with gusto. A friend drops by, and then another, and before you know it creativity has been sparked and off we got. Sean kept the shutters firing, as did Andres and Mr. Hooker, and Saturday turned out just fine. Elsewhere, here, there is a hilarious video of Sean singing 'Generation Zero' as part of the old Black Hole Buddha show, while everyone gallops along to their own inner impulse. Must see Tv except it's on the net!