Self-Destruction is its very own language.

Back from Mexico in two pieces.

The me I am and the me I will become, already opposed.

A TV show called "My Own Private America" produced by Sandie Black and me and Ingo Juliusson is ready to edit. Veronica, where are you? And my pictures of the aurora borealis are the lead feature in Dave Snider's TV pilot "Time Frame" produced by the Photography Channel. And Will Rokos and I slowly come to agreement on a script and strategy to make a movie for Cannes which might, unbelievably, be about vampires.

But now is now, and coming back wounded and scarred from Mexico after tripping there with Maya Nelson is the primary story I have to speak. Almost as if it's the only language I know. The words and poetry are hung up in negotiations, held hostage to ambition and greed and youth. I would shoot myself except there is too much to do. And I am smiling widely as I write this, eating sushi on 9th Avenue, with the Sun brilliant outside. For more Maya, visit her website preview at Wolf's Daughter, here.