Back from Iceland, Wish I Was Still There

Chanteuse and megababe with brains Jonelle Vette posts a story about what it's like to travel with Blue to the catch the Borealis (and what it's like to have him as your very own freaky friend), and this is a small excerpt:

"My friend Mr. Blue - photographer, philosopher, writer, force of personality, world traveler and fount of unbelievably good ideas, has either been everywhere or at least read about being everywhere. I would bet 50 bucks on it. And every time I'm convinced he's gone completely insane, he says something out of the blue that wraps my whole world up into a ball and tosses it out the window like it was no big deal. We've known each other for 8 years and traveled together to India in 2000 with a handful of others. And out of habit of language i call him my friend, but for years and on this trip to Iceland he has been more of a guide and a sounding board and a catalyst. And the truth is he doesn't exactly feel like a friend and our connection to one another doesn't feel familial as much as revolutionary. I could hardly call him a comforting presence in my life and if anything, he's like a scar from a knife fight that every once in a while still stings whenever i forget that I'm the one creating every single piece of my life."

-- From Jonelle Vette's story at JPG Magazine

She's an all-round talent: When I crashed at 55mph into the mountainside on the way to Palenque, the Penthouse Pet and I crawled out of the burning wreckage and all we could think of was to say that at least Jonelle's CD was still playing in the flames.