All the Shit I'll Never Do

Mark tells me he has some bad news: "Listen, Blue, some French guy just came out with a book called All the Books I Did Not Write or something like that, and of course I thoght about you as soon as I heard. Why don't you put something together in English before they translate this guy and he steals your audience? You could call your book All the Shit I'll Never Do, and just list the stuff with a couple of sentences for each idea. What do you think?"


And in response, I pack up the portable TV studio and head out of the Imperial City. Falling Waters and another Wright building in the middle of Ohio beckon, and Lucinda has a kayak on the shores of Lake Winnebago, and a polar bear is going crazy at the Como Zoo in St. Paul. And I've got a new novel to start, too, but I can't remember the opening line.