Hack Wanted: Screenplays are born @ Kinkos

An ad on the LA Craigslist looking for a writer . . .

I love this part:

4. Writer must be reliable (return emails, calls, appointments fast!)
5. Writer must be exceptional at meeting deadlines

Maybe the ad should read "Hack Wanted"?

I wonder how many earnest emails the poster received, from "writers" looking to "break in"? Ten? 150? If the same ad is on the LA Craigslist, the poster is probably swamped with responses. Several hundred. For a script about hypnosis and kick-boxing.

I am on my latest tiny video production: we drive around in a car videotaping the copy-machine sections of Kinkos in Los Angeles, showing how many screenwriters are doggedly copying their manuscripts. Especially at the Kinkos on Laurel & Venturam where screenwriters sometimes stand in line to use one of the dozen copiers. What a hopelessly sad business. I recommend James Brown's "Los Angeles Diaries" to any screenwriter who is becoming suspicious that putting a screenplay into the mail is NOT the way to do it.