acting defense

Don't be flattered by my "kind" words; I could make a scientific defense of your acting in that movie, so I am simply saying what I think I saw. If you had done a terrible and unrealistic performance but I still needed a certain look in a project, I would have said so! Obviously, you care very much about being the character, and that definitely shows, since most actors care very much about being themselves while being the character. They can't help it; they're actors. (-- to Samira I.)

previous note to Samira follows this intro to her on same day:

I'm trying right now to make several small movies about female assassins who target oil executives, and I want the movies to be made in foreign languages: Farsi, Turkomani, etc. But as American movies, visually and stylistically. Small crews, very arty feel (maybe too arty!), but radiating intelligence and showing complex decisions made by characters who suspect what they're doing might be unethical. Do you speak any lanuage other than English? Do you speak Farsi? I'd like to talk to you about making a small movie, 10 to 20 minutes long, which would be destined both for festivals and national broadcasts abroad. In the case of Farsi, to the underground Persian cinema.