defending minor poetry

My belief in my ability is absolute. I am 100% convinced that I see the world in a singular light. I use the phrases I use (minor poet etc.) to remind myself of what I must do, of what I can do, but nobody challenges me, ever, about aesthetic or language, because my confidence is so firm and vibrant. I always know what I want to say, and how I want to say it, and look at how I have convinced you with my words that this project and maybe others are worth doing, and worth doing well.  But I judge myself always, and apply the highest standard I can, and on this scale I find myself diminished. Don't worry about me feeling strongly about my words and art -- why do you think I want to do something WITH you rather than just TO you? So you can be the author, so you can have the responsibility of motherhood for an idea or a piece of beautiful poetry, visual or verbal, which you can defend and explain and champion, and feel exhausted after doing it but ready to fight to the death if anyone says the piece is ugly or should be destroyed.

----- from a note to Abbi Hendrix, after the Iceland shoot, when she castigated me for describing my script as "minor poetry"