"her" by Spike Jonze

Mourning him, I bump into "Her"

From Facebook recently, but with this appendage from another post even more recently about the woman in this image:

I put up a picture of a model a month ago, to wean myself out of mourning for Ingo, and that night watched an awful movie from Spike Jonze called "Her," in which Joaquin Rivera fantasizes about a pregnant pin-up star, who is then shown naked for a few seconds to help sell tickets, and I freeze the blu-ray: It's Betcee, the model who was my cover photo, and who moved into my house in Laurel Canyon for two weeks to star in my unfinished movie "Burn+Scar," and all I could think was how funny life is that it keeps taking you back onto the same paths you vowed you'd never walk again, not so much because of the waste of time but because being lost isn't that attractive anymore.