Songs in the Key of Surprise by Seanie Blue et al

Created bt Seanie Blue & Ariel Francis, produced by Blue, Francis and Sandra Bishop. Based on an original song by Blue, Peter Fox, Helena Protopapas, and Sandra Bishop. Ballet coming soon!

Recorded at the NPR recording studios. Featuring the original Black Hole Buddha cast. Written by Seanie Blue & Peter Fox.

Helmuth Humphrey's camera work in Iceland is paired with a song from the Moonlight Project featuring the voice of Seema Sugandh and the cello of Hailas Baatsch, all mixed by Steve McCormick and edited by Seanie Blue. The Moonlight Project is produced by Blue, Peter Fox, McCormick and Sandra Bishop.

Songs from the Black Hole Buddha show two decades ago.

From the Black Hole Buddha show in a disused bomb factory in the Imperial City. We spent two years on this project, rehearsing and recording, and then put together a massive show . . . ONE TIME. This video is the first time it's been seen since then.

Seanie Blue's EDM phase of songs created on ACID by Sony.

From the studio, Lisa E sings the song Rulebreaker from the Musical Black Hole Buddha by Fox and Blue. This is the take that actually made it onto the CD. All rights reserved, Groovetown U.S.A.

And some songs currently in experimental stages, never heard anywhere before!

And some critical acclaim for his music projects . . .