The DUSKWHALES shot in studio

This is an experiment devised by Sean to show a band sounds live. Whether in a studio or in a venue, there is a "live" sound that is wholly different to anything recorded in separate individual sessions in a studio. It's that "live sound" we all want to see and hear when we pay to get into a club. But how do you capture it? In this case, Sean brought in five shooters, twelve cameras, and used the on-board sound of the D800 and D810 cameras, which few videographers would attempt to do. The result is shown here.

Lindsey Buckingham Palace @ the Velvet Lounge

The DC band rocks out Led Zeppelin. Sean shoots from house left.

Whole Lotta Love

Lindsey Buckingham Palace performing Whole Lotta Love

Posted by Lindsey Buckingham Palace on Friday, September 4, 2015