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Shooting art . . . 

Sean has been shooting objets d'art for more than a decade for a variety of clients or for his own projects. He's also made a point of shooting collections of work for artists, often with the artists in the picture, and has spent a great deal of time in museums shooting artworks both known and obscure.

. . . and commerce

From airplanes to pet products to leather goods to lamps and dancing shoes, Sean has shot for a wide array of clients in his studio or on location. Stills, videos, promo pieces, Sean makes each client's needs a small creative process which hopefully can be seen as its own art piece.

Blue shoots furnishings and larger items in studio 

Shooting Products with Seanie Blue

Sean uses Nikon full frame cameras, both a D810 or D800. These are state of the art cameras that are compared to medium format set-ups of a decade ago. He uses more than 20 lenses, some of them vintage, to achieve a variety of looks: pop art colorful, or catalog ready neutral, or collection items aged or distressed. Sean has a variety of LED and strobe lights, both for the field or for studio.

Sean's Rate

Two hour minimum is $140. Hourly rate is $50. Half day is $185. Full day is $325.

Nikkor 85mm Tilt shift (perspective control) for small products

From airplanes to pet products to leather color swatches to salsa shoes, sean shoots everything!

Custom Designer Table in Key West shabby motel

Sean drove to Florida with a boat and a table to shoot for an art deco design company. The idea wasto capture this elegant table in seedy surroundings, and this was the poster shot that resulted.