PORTRAITS & FASHION: I pay $40 an hour

Portraits and fashion shoots that I would like to hire for always pay the model at least $25 an hour. Established models of course charge much more than this, and I have paid up to $50 an hour for clothed models in the DMV. I will never rip off a model on rates. If I have initiated contact with you on Model Mayhem, I am willing to pay $50 an hour.

LINGERIE + SWIMWEAR: I pay $50 an hour

A model in a bikini or in her underwear is worth $50 an hour, and that is what I usually pay, happily, even for models without much experience. Models with a lot of experience or a recognizable face will of course get a lot more than that! If I have initiated contact with you on Model Mayhem, I am willing to pay $50 an hour.

SHEER LINGERIE: I pay $75 an hour

ANONYMOUS NUDES: I pay $50 an hour

What in the world is an anonymous nude? We live in a society that exalts the young human figure. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them is the child-bearing optimum ratio of 70% between a woman's waist and her hips. In other words, if a woman's waist is 70% the width of her hips, men are hard-wired in their brains to notice and pursue. I need the eye-candy to attract men to my project, to read about why they feel as desperate and as misunderstood as they do. The pictures are often bait I lay out for men who then want to look further into what I am saying. In these examples above and below, you can see what I think men get snared upon: erotic suggestions of intimacy that they may no longer have, especially with strangers and especially with women of prime child-bearing age. Not every model cares if her body is seen, but her naked body along with her face might cause problems in her future. The anonymous nude is one way to thrill without being ostracized later.

What am I looking to hire you for?

Thanks for looking at this Rate Card and Project Proposal. I know you're busy so I'll keep this brief. The rate card is what I am willing to pay you if you'd like to work on these looks for me. The Project Proposal will tell you why I am trying to get these images in the first place, and what I will be using them for.

RATE CARD: What I pay, generally

I will always pay for gas or for Metro.

If you pose in normal everyday clothes, I pay $40 an hour. If you pose in lingerie or swimsuit, I pay $50 an hour. If you pose in sheer lingerie, which some people might call implied nudity, I pay $75 an hour. If you pose for nudes, generally artistically done and never as cheesecake, I pay $100 an hour. Some of you are happy to pose in sheer lingerie or nude if your face is not in the picture, and I often hire these models because I draw parallels with Nature or landscapes to the contours of a woman's body. If you look at the bottom example at left, I show what I can use for anonymous posers and what I pay.


Posing clothed is $40 an hour.

Posing in lingerie or swimsuit is $50 an hour.

Posing in sheer lingerie or robes is $75 an hour.

Posing nude is $100 an hour.

Note: If I have initiated contact with you on Model Mayhem, I am willing to pay at least $50 an hour for clothed, swimsuit and typical lingerie.


The Burn + the Scar is a book and a movie and a tablet app and a musical. I've been working on it for years, and am getting closer and closer to finishing it. Its chief attraction is the writing of the story, about a love affair that starts in a temple in Kathmandu, and then goes to New York on 9/11, to Paris and London and the countryside in Spain, before falling into jealousy and betrayal in Yellowstone and among the mountain gorillas in East Africa, and then finishes in a 10-year hunt for the Auora Borealis in the Arctic. And it's all true!

I've got the original footage and pictures, and now I'm mixing in the final images and scenes to make this project an unusual interpretation of human sexuality and the lonely despair lovers can drift into as they get older and cannot stop living in their passionate past.

The images and the scenes I shoot now are intended to amplify or re-create scenes from the original story. The main protagonist of the story keeps reminding her lover of the risks she took to upend her life and join him in Africa and in the Arctic. He remembers the moments of intimacy that he now no longer has with her. This is why there is the sheer lingerie or the nudity in the project at all. The emotional weight of the woman's concerns will never be matched by the visual longing the male keeps in his memory, and I think a lot of lonely males will identify with my story.

Thanks for reading this far! If you'd like to read more about this project, you can link here to "Can the Aurora Borealis Cure Heartbreak," another page on this website. Just click on the picture of the Aurora below:

Click on the picture to see more about the story.

Click on the picture to see more about the story.

To see reviews and acclaim about my work in movies, music, writing and theatre, check out my critics page elsewhere on this site:

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Click for media and peer reviews.

NUDES: I pay $100 an hour

Sessions are usually two hours and rarely over three. And I like to combine them with other rates. For example, shooting two hours in straight fashion poses (@ $25 per hour), and then two hours as nudes (@ $100 an hour). The total payout would be $250 for those four hours.