Sounds for Halloween

I went out on Halloween and got some freaky images of Los Angeles dressed up and jammed together on Santa Monica Boulevard, and am now joining images to a neat soundscape. Whole thing should be 2-3 minutes long, arresting images, strong poetic insert from me, and some kind of sound build-up. There is a commercial currently on TV for a car that seems to be running along a highway painted to resemble space, and the shot is from above while the car takes off down the runway, and the music is fabulous! It sounds just like the beginning of Malick's "New World": insistent, swelling crescendo and a single long image. I am going to work on that a little bit tonight -- it's now 3:39 am. Tomorrow will be a missing day. Lost in Soundtrack and Sonic Foundry, building tracks for this little piece, pushing everything but creativity out of my way, feeling firmly on the right road, the only road, the road where something happens all along the way.

(part of "Anticipatience")