one for one, murder + murder

A hunter's letter to a young actor:

"I feel profound affection for wild canines. I am ready to execute a man who traps foxes. Why do I feel this way, exactly? People hear this and are horrified because I am breaking a taboo about respecting the sanctity of life. But is one man's life worth a hundred foxes' lives? What if each life is the same value? What if I can imagine what it feels like to be a fox? How does one imagine this? At some point, I had to go out and meet foxes, and I did, and now I can say quite honestly that one man's life is worth approximately one fox's life, and the willful killing of one wild fox for whatever reason results in my impulse to execute the trapper. It would give me pleasure to do so. I'm not breaking any taboos at all, but living up to my own expectations based on my own explorations of the world around me. I like wild canines, and feel deep affection for them, and do not recognise any god-like entity that will punish me in the future because I took a man's sacred life and destroyed it. On the contrary, the winds and tides tell me daily to pull my triggers."

-- from All My Young Kisses starring Maya Nelson Wolfsdottir, written by Mr. Blue