Celestial Heartbreak

This is a short experiment in nonlinear story-telling. We're interested in emotional weights and indirect expositions, meaning what we show is not always what we feel or think. In this case, the act of leaving a comfy fire and lovely friends to look for the Aurora Borealis in a blizzard might not be exactly what we should be doing, so telling you why we're doing it comes in this artistic disguise. Not only that, this video ends just when it gets interesting! There are heartbreakers everywhere, people who turn you on and leave you cold. This visual exercise is an example of this. But the bonus is that we do intend to examine heartbreak and report on how it can be used to slow down time. More soon, from Iceland, where Sean and Sandy and Mark Hooker have gone in anticipation of a firestorm at the poles, courtesy of a solar flare or two. January 2 is looking good for this.

Explaining Heartbreak As a Celestial Metaphor from wonderbox on Vimeo.