Roar, Louisiana

Roar wakes me up, rain screaming down. Texas Stormchasers tweets possible tornado 4 miles NE of Slidell, and damn if I am not 4 miles east of Slidell. Much worse last Fall when I got caught in Indiana "land hurricane" but now flood reports have scared away some Mardi Gras pals, and we are on the lake, which shakes ominously. Tad bless his heart says these rumors happen every year, but he is asleep next door and I am awake and now here again is that roar! He will wake up and say: Wasn't that a treat?

And seconds after I write this, Tad emerges in an all-yellow head-to-toe raingear suit and clamly walks to the end of the property to fetch the newspaper. He does not say, "What a treat." He says: "It is really raining! Holy shit!" and that little panic starts to swell. Then he says: "Nothing we can do but hunker down and wait it out." And we do. And the sun comes out and we go fishing and catch nothing but a soft breeze and a little sunburn.