The very unusual eclipse last night led the crew at the Wonderbox to put together this short video for their Christmas Eve orphans and porridge late late late night hang. There are several things to watch that night, but the Moon is always such an attractive subject. For Seanie Blue and the players of the Moonlight Project, the Moon is a metaphor for lost loves. The Sun, that burnt-out star, represents love's urges and passions; the bigger the star, the more quickly it burns out. These astrophysical laws apply to love, too. The music comes from the Moonlight Project, and the visuals from Seanie Blue's shoot of the eclipse and the Raindancer. This piece was produced by the Wonderbox. Music produced by Blue, Fox & McCormick as the Moonlight Project.

The Lunar Eclipse & the Moonlight Project & a Porridge Party from wonderbox on Vimeo.