not meant to be eloquent

I think it would be very cool to spend a couple of hours on an interesting walk somewhere, maybe industrial wreck next to scenic beauty, and record a summary conversation at the end of the session examining the creative impulse, and how real life and happiness or depression or casual accidents contribute to its release or suppression. Then perhaps we can mix the audio over a combination of shots showing the viewer how we can see something differently from the same place at the same time. Just do some SMALL but very concentrated piece which can be posted on youtube and of course shown in a few pix on JPG. It might be an interesting collaborative style that anyone can do, but cannot figure out how to start or approach. I think it would be interesting to us, of course, but also -- and this is the key -- to any stranger who has the key in the ignition but will not . . . quite . . . turn it. Why? What stops us from acting?

Have you seen the movie about the artist Andy Goldsworthy? It's called Rivers & Tides, and it is mind-shatteringly inspirational. The attempt at art doesn't have to be grand or eloquent. But there must be an attempt. Anyway, I think such a discussion or event would be a very cool thing to have on our schedules, and the result itself will create its own demands and seek its own audience, but I think we share a general joi de etre perhaps more than a joi de vivre, and yet operate with very different infrastructures, and this would of course be the balancing trick of any such operation.

-- from a correspondence with Alexis G.