One spark into a million echoes?

Gigi -- Thanx for your note, a drop of gasoline on the embers of last year. I was just sitting in a swirl of thought wondering whether I would make 2008 a year of accomplishments -- real, defined, verifiable efforts -- and it occurred to me that I would need some artificial measurement of my writing intentions. "You know, one year Sean wrote a million words of poetry," and the thought lit up as appropriate to me, now. When, if not now? One million words, why not? Do something astronomical, quantifiable, 2739 words a day. Then your salutation blazed in, carrying the authority of all your great pictures, and the idea of a million words just seemed so tangible and accessible. Why not?

Your message fell like a small flame out of the sky of possibilities. A piece of flint slicing into my imagination. A spark without a map. And I have thousands upon thousands of pictures to illustrate with poetry. A thousand pictures, a million words . . . why not? Means nothing if I don't accomplish it. But if I do, what a brag. I wouldn't have to say anything. I could sit on my ass and think I did something in 2008 I will never have to do again, and the slightest whimsy of timing pushed me into it. A thought, building, and a message of encouragement, that fantastic fuel of theatre and art. Idea, enthusiasm, aflame.

I hope you make in 2008 more of what you've shown here. You have a special, special view of life, and everyone should see more of what you capture. Thanks for the note, Gigi.

This is 282 words of 1,000,000 in 2008. 

You can see Gig Tindle's magnificent pictures at JPG Magazine. 

(UPDATE: Gigi quit JPG, more or less, and hopped over to 15x100, and I followed her, more or less, before I quit 15x100 in a silly huff, and then went looking for her there and wonder what's happened because now there's no link for her at 15x100, either, so I wonder . . . Hmm . . . But I found her at RedBubble, in disguise. Check her out; she's part genius, no question.)