Time Too Rare to Waste

Just re-read the hilarious memoir by James Brown, Lalaland screenwriter now prof of lit, and submitted to the impulse to ask for an interview, shown below as a letter to his handlers:

I'd like to do a short 15-minute interview with Mr. Borwn for BadTV on Youtube. Despite the fact that we are an underground organization, we stumble periodically into the mainstream. We also run a youtube channel called the memechannel, wheer we would excerpt a few minutes of Brown's ideas on life, writing, California, and that horror called the future of humanity.

We'll be happy to pay him to secure the 15 minutes, if need be. I guarantee he will be as amused by our views of the world as will be edified by his. The fifteen minutes will pass extremely quickly, and we can interview him in a hallway if need be. We don't believe in wasting time. Especially our own!

Thanks, Seanie Blue

Note misspelling, first reference to the writer!