killer in kool klothing

Off the top of my head, I could see a video of you in
a variety of interesting clothes, loitering around a
plaza or mall or business complex, until you see some
sort of corporate evildoer leaving his office. As he
drives home, he sees you on a street corener in some
sort of orange outfit, say, then he drives a little
further and there you are walking a dog in blue, at
Trader Joe's he sees you shopping for cookies and your
shoes are electric yellow, etc. And then we see that
his company is responsible for the killing of frogs or
turtles or the befoulment of a river, something of
this type, and in the end of the video he meets you,
says something about your shoes or cool clothing, and
then somehow you poison the guy and he writhes around
on the ground while you check all his credit cards and
coolly walk off into the sunset. But this is written
now, hurriedly, between my own projects -- so perhaps
instead of a dance we'd have a balletic series of
poses in interesting clothes. How does that sound? I
think that picture of you which is at the top of your
page shows an amazing, amazing face, but I wasn't
blown away by the choice of other photos, which
usually means to me there is a vast potential that
isn't being tapped. So it would be interesting to see
how the face translates to video, to see if my
instincts are right, and to see what else you can
bring to a shoot in terms of costume and imagination.