Soliciting the Mango Dancer

Kristinita –
But listen, the dicey stuff: I am going to send you a script and you see if you can play it, pays very well, must be done by Christmas, in fact lessee can I stick it below:  Yes, it follows. A single scene. I wanted to do about six scenes but not sure I can time it right. You're probably very very busy, but let me know. I was going to pay Rhea Seehorn around $500-$700 for four scenes (all shot in one day, rehearsed in one day, learned on her own time), and may end up adverting the part. It's out of Frogtown, very strange but smart and twisted with humor.

Lemme know and I'll construe silence as meaning utter business no time to play, since I speak that language, too . . .
sean xxxxooo