Selfie, 2015

About BLUE

An evolving gallery of images which tell the story of one person's voyage through 90+ nations as a journalist or a photographer or a son or traveler or a movie-maker or music producer or adventurer or as simply a misplaced soul. 

Start in Cannes on the French Riviera to Beirut and the sea where man was born and then to the south of Spain, the Costa del Sol, before becoming an American in the Imperial City, where all the trouble in the world comes from, Washington.

The talented miss bishop

Blue's co-producer and partner in the sublime, Sandra Bishop is a comedienne, musician, actor, dancer, and source of continuous brilliance and inspiration.

as Hillary with President Drumpf

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Black Hole Buddha

by Seanie Blue & Peter Fox

One song from the legendary album and show by Seanie Blue and Peter Fox.


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Kyla Cole and me

ebook & movie by Seanie Blue

coming to Amazon fall 2018

scenes from the Betapunks and Black Hole Buddha

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Blue Diary

More than 70,000 apges of notes, ideas, poetry, sketches and records from traveling to more than 90 countries and working on more than a hundred projects with a variety of collaborators.