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Sean is editing a feature movie "Luminous Nude: A Guide for Old Fucks with Cameras." The movie is at 63 minutes as of June 1st, with a target running time of around 90 minutes, and will be playing at film festivals around the world next winter. At first glance, the movie is a humorous look at the interactions between the old men who buy new cameras to become photographers and the young women who make a living posing nude for these hobbyists. The movie features many models from the odd website Model Mayhem and examines the role of the nude in art history as well as the reasons for male fascination with naked young women. An excerpt from the movie will be posted here soon.

Kat Vand uses her skin to combat corporate polluters.

I was comfortable with my skin, always happy to be a fish out of water, and all the photographers wanted to shoot the small webs I have between my toes, but this was off limits. You can shoot every inch of my body, but not my webbed toes.
— Katura Vand, as quoted in Gentleman's Plus before the space storm hit Earth

KYLA COLE in Blue's movie and comic book "Assassin 62"

One of the first and most popular pinups of the Internet age, Slovakia's Kyla Cole has had a sensational life. She would count among her adventures the month-long journey through the Mayan lands and jungles of Central America while performing as assassin Charlie Tana in Blue's movie and book "Assassin 62." 

Gallery and links coming soon. You can see more of Kyla in Blue's comic book of "Assassin 62" by clicking here.

Mazzy Crimson and the Model Murders

KATYA in Nude, Edited

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Charlie Tonic fights the superfund site

The Nude in the Art Museum

Chantal Foix walks into a museum to look at a Monet, and is noticed by a photographer.. They meet, and she begins to pose for him in the basement of the museum, where he works. An eBook or a short iTunes movie, so far this is still an idea.  

Password is "france"

Dasha U. as Brigitte Bardot

This is a first draft of the first three scenes of the 31 scenes in Seanie Blue's essay on the sexual revolution in the United States. All of the material in this short was captured in one day in Timonium, Maryland, and edited in one 10-hour session at Wonder 101. Music is by Blue and Fox. Written by Blue, starring Dasha U., produced by Seanie Blue, Sandra Bishop and Dasha U.

Dasha stars as a modern Brigitte Bardot.


Elle in Brooklyn, as Monica Vitti in Rome

“. . . (Blue creates) magical cross sections where the influence he has on the subject of his lens overlaps with the way they’d like to be seen — or maybe the way they’d like to feel most of the time but can’t due to the company of most men: beautiful, adored and safe to express themselves physically and emotionally. It’s an incredible gift — to be able to allow women this space, to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing — with an eye as sharp as his teeth. How does he refrain from biting?”
— musican VETTE, writing about Blue's shoots of women

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VIA MC plays the nanny

Vital role in "Luminous Nude" in saturated sepia copied from Outerbridge's scandalous nudes.


Once an actress in Lalaland. now a cosmetics mogul. Whip smart actualizer.

JUDI ST. PETER in Transit

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MALI CAX YUM shaman from the savannah

Ella Zi fearless risk-taker

Mika fire from Florida

Marina Romanova

Bailey Devonish

Oliver Sigrid Lennon

Cheyenne Deryan self-made force of nature




HANNAH KLENOTIC as Amy Winehouse in Blue's movie

EMILY ELSPETH in Desert Robes

Edna Gazelle looks into the future from far away in the past

Emma Young does a Daisy Dukes theme

Mia Solis the Czech lifeguard

Koko Kosobayashi

Koko Kosobayashi

Johnae modeling for the Fireworks


If you are ever lucky enough to get a chance to work with Sean, DO IT. Drop everything, and go work with him. He is one of the most incredibly multi talented and coolest human beings you’ll ever meet. I will never forget our potoshoot (we were actually filming a movie in addition to taking photos). Sean challenged me, coached me, dug out my deepest emotions and fears, and then turned all that into amazing art. He was able to capture my essence, my soul and my being in the images that followed, like no one was able before. I can’t wait to work with him again, again and again!”
— Dasha Usova, Utah model

Satine island girl out of Aruba


She's a Suicide Girl and a fighter, so it's a revelation to get to see her softer side, and Loren is generous with it. Romantic and ambitious, she's making herself into what she has always imagined, a person she's never met or known, somebody utterly singular. You ask her about what she wants to do with her life, and her answer is simple: "All of it."


Erika B plays a Fassbinder muse

Sabrina novice model channels her native Hawaii

Carolyne Marie river girl

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