artemisia deren

Starring in Seanie Blue's "What Would Degas Think?"


artemisia deren

A perfect genetic mix, with relatives from the Derenowski family in Russia and the Gentileschis of Italy, Artemisia Deren was built for entertainment and art. She will pose nude for a purpose and is starring in Blue's eBook "What Would Degas Think?" The book will be available on Amazon for the Kindle and on iTunes for tablets in 2017.

misia in the tragic end of elisa bridges

The first collaboration with Blue was Misia's dance of the last night in the life of Playmate Elisa Bridges, who woke up dead in the Laurel Canyon home of a pal of Hugh Hefner's. It's not the overdose of pharmaceuticals that attracted Misia to the role, but the pressures and expectations of the model who wasn't prepared to be a sex queen.

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misia in the rape of samson

An art vulture who cannot stay out of museums, Misia poses in a series of provocations from Degas to Gauguin to her own distant ancestor, Artemisia Gentileschi, whose painting of Judith beheading her rapist is one of the great works of the Renaissance.

misia on carnaby street

She channels London in the Summer of Love in a fashion show of affordable styles. "If I could be Barbarella, falling out of a fur blanket onto the Earth, I'd be a happy astronaiut," says Misia. Here she is in 1967 as a sly Julie Christie, chaste and fast at the same time.

misia bridges COV 1500-3094.jpg

artemisia's ballet

Like her famous namesake Maya Deren, Misia loves to dance in the shadows and sunshine of Hollywood's leafy neighborhoods. Here she is in a slinky ode to Laurel Canyon's beautiful contours, in Blue's Eagles Nest studio on top of Lookout Mountain.