Me and Kyla Cole

a movie by Seanie Blue

. . . beautifully sad. It will be on our shelves if Blue could ever get around to finishing it.
— Freddi Szilagi, Manager, Tower Records

The movie "Me and Kyla Cole" is in its edit stages and is due to be completed in 2017. The movie is a creative memoir of Blue's travels with the world's top pin-up model, Kyla Cole, who disrobed regularly just when the Internet exploded in use and breadth. Blue hired her to play Abbi Hendrix, a sad assassin who is fascinated by Blue's dangerous passions. The movie was shot in the Arctic, Oaxaca, Belize, Chiapas, Brugges, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo and San Remo. 


kyla cole as Abbi Hendrix for starters.

From one of my first letters to Kyla, assuring her that she could act as I needed her to do:

"Don't worry about acting or performance, I'm sure you've had to spend many hours being the center of attention without looking bored and that's the essential ingredient here. The first time I visited your website, perhaps two years ago, I was struck by the notes you wrote and how passionate and detailed they were about whatever you happened to be doing. If success is the child of patience, as you say, then art is the child of passion. So I know you can act, and I know you can communicate, and if the whole project is screwed up because it's too ambitious, fine, nobody will commit suicide and the effort will make for a great story. There are many people who can't be bothered to act happy or interested for a single moment, and who don't feel strongly enough to say anything about the world around them, and I've spent my whole life avoiding becoming one of them."

With the Muxes in Juchitan

Blue wanted a scene with the famous Muxes of Juchitan undressing Abbi and then dressing her into the costumes of the Zapotecan region. The key was to have them speaking Zapotec. Why? So Blue could interrupt a Super Bowl broadcast with this alluring scene and in some bar far away some hapless Zapotecan would perk up and exclaim, "They're speaking my language!" Mistica and Kenya loved the idea and went to work. "Be rough," advised Blue, and Abbie would show him her bruises for the next week.

Kyla Cole in the comic book Assassin 62

The first project Blue and Kyla worked on together was the comic book "Assassin 62" shot in Amsterdam and Schevinegen with Tanker Gogh's beautiful photographs.

A scene shot in the Arctic, with Kyla as Assassin 62.