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The Bilbo Nudes in Black & White

A study in black and white of the architectures in northern Spain accompanied by Kyla Cole, the Internet siren who is starring in three of Seanie Blue's projects. "The Bilbo Nudes" is a comparison of the sturdy lines of buildings and landscapes with the softer desires and hopes of our interior lives. Kyla poses for Blue's camera to illustrate his ideas on civilization and its prospects and dangers. In progress now, completion date is September 1st, 2018.

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Kyla in zipolite

“Where will we go next?” asked Kyla after we’d shot our opening scenes in Bruges and the Arctic. We will go where Nature is easiest to touch, I said, and Kyla laughed as she booked her ticket: sick of standing around naked in front of tongue-tied photographers, she was desperate for a character who acted with honesty and intelligence, and the role of Abbi Hendrix was the ultimate femme fatale.

Check out Sean's new project, in progress, on his Atavist site.


New Fashioned Girl

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Kyla in the Arctic

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with Kyla cole in the Old World

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In Oaxaca with the MUXES

Blue wanted a scene with the famous Muxes of Juchitan undressing Abbi and then dressing her into the costumes of the Zapotecan region. The key was to have them speaking Zapotec. Why? So Blue could interrupt a Super Bowl broadcast with this alluring scene and in some bar far away some hapless Zapotecan would perk up and exclaim, "They're speaking my language!" Mistica and Kenya loved the idea and went to work. "Be rough," advised Blue, and Abbie would show him her bruises for the next week.