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If I was prone to jealousy I’d hate Blue’s guts. He’s a helluva writer.
— Will Rokos, Oscar nominee for best screenplay (Monster's Ball)


The Light at the End of the World

A real talent . . . enough ideas for five more movies.
— Hal Hinson, film critic, in the Washington Post


Songs in the key of surprise

the astonishing compositions & music of Mr. Blue

In the past 20 years, Sean has created and produced more than 75 songs, from pop ditties to epic symphonies. Working with Peter Fox, he's created two musicals, and then with Fox and Sandra Bishop he is in the process of creating two more. Blue worked with Fox and Bishop and Steve McCormick to create the 144-song Moonlight Project, still in the creative process, and is now at work with Fox and Bishop on a musical about the Grimm Brothers and their fairy tales, recording at Brooklyn Pearl studios in Dumbo. Looming above all of these efforts is the ballet symphony "Wildbird" written with Ariel Francis as a 33-minute odyssey about a young bird who is determined to exact her revenge for an oil company's spill in her home.

Songs linger like the summery confections of Phil Spector or Blondie.
— Virginia Vitzthum, Washington City Paper
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A million photographs by Seanie Blue

You shoot because it's easy. A monkey can do it. Right?

Seanie Blue is one of the most versatile contemporary American photographers. A blue-collar Michelangelo, a light maestro with gravitas and wit.
— Miguel Juarez Lugo, National Press Photographer winner for best picture series 2015
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the nude in the museum

eBook coming SOON to Amazon this spring

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by Seanie Blue

Skipper is a memoir and was never intended to be an audiobook. But the first few chapters were recorded by Sean, whose voice has been described as a "velvet foghorn," and the reactions were firm: more, more, more. So here is partly recounted the very strange childhood Sean spent as the son of a gentleman spy in Lebanon, and then on the run in Asia and Europe as a massive search for the family was organized by Skipper's ex-wife and the U.S. government.

Updated as of December 2016.

killing hollywood

When you told me you were going to defeat Hollywood and I quoted you in the Washington Post, I made up my mind right then and there that I had to get out of here and get to LA and do my bit, too. Thanks man!
— David Mills, Emmy winner, The Wire (RIP)

works in progress