The Light at the End of the World

How to chase the aurora borealis in the north of Iceland.

"Bird on a Mission: Mr. Blue meets a Frigatebird"

Produced by Seanie Blue in a co-production of Wonder 101 LLC and Blue Swan Tours.

"The Fool" 

from the Moonlight Project by Seanie Blue

Produced, directed, shot by Blue for the Moonlight Project. Music by Blue, Fox & McCormick.

Iceland's geysers shot with a tilt-shift lens

Produced, directed, shot and written by Seanie Blue in a co-production by Wonder 101 LLC with Hotel Djupavik and Blue Car Rental.

+ + + NOTE:

Uncle Paddy's Wake followed Blue's first feature-length movie, "Woobie's Geography Lesson." Both of these movies had theatrical release in Washington, but Uncle Paddy'ws Wake played for a full week and scored the highest per-screen average take in Variety's listings for the week it showed at the Biograph Theatre. Needless to say it was the high earnings and not the critical acclaim that won Blue attention from Hollywood and Tribeca.

For Photography Channel: Interview with photographer Ken Hackman

Produced with David Snider for the Photography Channel.

"Donna Ferrato: The Surprise"

Produced & Directed by Seanie Blue for the Photography Channel.

"Portraits of a Naked Lady Dancer"

Can be seen on Netflix.

Blue is listed as the creative director of this movie by Deborah Rowe, as well as chief cameraman. SEE IT ON NETFLIX.

Produced & directed for Traveling Wild.

Switi Carma learns how to steal in lessons from Blue in this scene from the underground comic book "The Copy Writer." The scene was originally part of a documentary by Sandie Black called "My Wasted Life," made when it appeared Blue was on the verge of dying and taking dozens of ideas out of existence with him.

+ + + NOTE:

"Colon" was Blue's fourth feature-length movie, and scored the best critical acclaim of his short movie-making career. One more feature-length movie would follow, called "Pope & the Alien," about the Catholic Church and its search for extra-terrestrial life to baptize, and then Blue was put out of commission by colon cancer, diagnosed two years after the making of this movie. The experience with cancer cut short any hopes of long, involved projects that required the bullying or manipulating of large amounts of people. He's started a dozen more movies, some of them huge projects, but all designed to be created and completed by one person. If he finishes anything, it will show up here first. 

For photographer Steve McCurry . . .

The Steve McCurry interview shown above was co-produced by Seanie Blue and Sandra Bishop for McCurry's iPad app. 

Sightseeing in New York - Qatar Airways

The weather in New York right now is perfect for a winter getaway! So when we were in town recently, we couldn't resist a quick tour of Manhattan.

Posted by Qatar Airways on Tuesday, January 5, 2016