aBout BLUe

Born in Nice, raised in Beirut and in a red station wagon in Turkey and Greece and Ireland, puberty in Andalucia, independence in the Imperial City with McGraw-Hill, editor at two presidential commissions, freelance writer in London + Madrid + Cuernavaca + San Francisco + Colorado Springs + Sanibel Island + Manhattan + Waterford, Virginia, artistan and moviemaker in Blagden Alley, founder of the Betapunks and Ecomedia and BadTV, creator at the Wonderbox and designer at Wonder 101.


Writes, shoots, assembles, inks and paints, designs, markets, acts, makes songs, dream kicker. Available for hire, can be paid in sushi. For sale for three million dollars, buyer gets 100% of all intellectual property in future as well as Blue's shares of all intellectual property dating back to 1991. Frivolous inquiries welcome.

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