These pictures are taken from a three-year project by Blue and photographer Stephen F. Correl. Mired in their first real jobs, Blue as an editor at a newspaper, and Correl as a computer programmer, the duo decided it was time to drop out and travel to the furthest edges of civilization. There was no project or title to guide them, but the desire to quit the beehive was intense. Eventually, they would travel together to places like the Serengeti, the Himalayas, the Indian Ocean, the Galapagos, the Andes, Madagascar, the Amazon and throughout Europe. But it was the odd journey away from the main destination which gave them a combination of stories and pictures you will never see in National Geographic. The book is incomplete, unpublished, and unavailable, but slowly coming to life.

South America, Second Trip  •  Pictures are by Stephen F. Correl


Himalayas, First Trip  •  Pictures are by Stephen F. Correl