What is it about big breasts? Men rhapsodize about a huge set of breasts, but what they really look for ia the perfect waist to hip (WTR) ratio in women. Numerous tests in the past 40 years have shown repeatedly that women whose waists are 70% the width of their hips are the most attractive to the opposite sex. Doesn't matter how big, how heavy, how tall a woman is, as long as that waist is 0.7 of her hips. The ratio's effect on men is even more pronounced when the female is seen from behind, which is why men in a conversation invariably watch a woman's butt as she walks past, no matter how important the conversation. Why?

The male is hard-wired to look for fertility, youth, and child-rearing potential in the females of his tribe, and this has been the case ever since hominids stood up and walked out of the forests and into the savannah. It's not something to celebrate or to be used as a defense of men's attitudes towards women, it's just simple biology. We are machines serving at the pleasure of our genes, and procreation is the bottom line, because at one time there were only a few thousand members of our species on the planet, and every copulation counted.

What is the ratio in practical terms for models? The closest we get to the magical 70% factor is with the following measurements:

24 waist x 34 hips = 70.6%

23 waist x 33 hips = 69.7%

25 waist x 35 hips = 71.4%

26 waist x 36 hips = 72.2%

A flipbook movie about the WTH ratio is being made by Sean in 2018. The models in the flipbook are in lingerie or nude, usually in silhouette, and they are the bait that brings a male's eyes onto the ideas Sean wants to express about the inner demon every male has inherited from seven million years ago, when we were chimpanzees fighting over food, territory and, of course, sex.

The flipbook is due to be finished in late 2018.