Accepting the Black & White Challenge

Facebook is a copycat circus, we all know. You want to see the cat play the piano? Fifty of your friends have just posted it. I've always thought that photographers and other creative people should simply post their own stuff on their timeline, and nobody else's. Why? Isn't Facebook a place to let people know where you went to dinner, or who you're dating now? I think it's the best single marketing tool you've got, if you're not already on Madison Avenue. Take it seriously, and show your friends and colleagues that you take your craft or talents super-seriously. One way of doing so is to join the current game of the day, The Black & White Challenge. You can put your own twist on it, as I have. The original rules called for posting five B&Ws in a five-day period, with you nominating a new person with each post. In my challenges, I've asked the nominees to think in black and white before they shoot or before they edit, so the pictures they submit will always be in black and white. I'll post the challenges from my Facebook timeline into this blog. Here's a black and white that I have not posted:

On the long road to Akuyeri in the north of Iceland, in winter.