Products & Objets d'art

Under construction page to show recent product shooting.

This is a glass egg.

This is a miniature snuff bottle with the painting etched on the inside.

Shooting Fine Art & Collectibles

These objects were shot as part of a massive inventory of a private art collection.

More blue glass.

A nice vase.

Shooting Editorial for Publication

Sean has been working as a journalist since he was a teenager, when he worked at McGraw Hill's newsletter center at the Nstional Press Building after quitting high school at 16 years old. He's covered everything from apples to airplanes, as we can see in the examples below.

Shooting An Entrepreneur at Work

All about Fruitcycle's Elizabeth Bennett. Extraordinary food gleaner and recycler.

Shooting the delivery of the Dreamliner: From Seattle to Qatar

Blue was hired by the Manhattan PR firm PublicNYC to travel with the first Dreamliner delivered to Qatar Airways. He would be the official photographer for Boeing and Qatar Airways for the 14-hour flight. He also conducted interviews with all the engineers and designers of the jet, who flew what is called the "ferry flight," the delivery of the plane to the customer. Below are some of the pictures from that job.

The Dreamliner 787 is a revolutionary airplane, and the national airline of Qatar committed to buy 13 billion dollars' worth.


Shooting Macro & Close-ups

This section is all about miniature and close-up photography.