Video and Links for Client Projects 2016

Who is Sean working for and what does he do when he works for them? Follow along for the accomplishments of 2016!

Shooting Airplanes again! Qatar Airways comes to JFK and PHL

Sightseeing in New York - Qatar Airways

The weather in New York right now is perfect for a winter getaway! So when we were in town recently, we couldn't resist a quick tour of Manhattan.

Posted by Qatar Airways on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

ABOVE & RIGHT: The two posts above are from Qatar Airways' Facebook page, both produced and shot by Sean for the airline. The picture of the A350 landing in Philadelphia at dawn on New Year's day was particularly tricky: we had no time to practice shooting the landing, and Sean's assistant was hoping to shoot several flybys first, but no time was available before the landing: Sean and Isabel got both the shot and the video in very low light, ten minutes before sunrise! 

Our state-of-the-art Airbus A350 has arrived in Philadelphia for the first of its now daily flights.

Posted by Qatar Airways on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dan Donnelly DeSIgn Studio

Shooting on location, always tough lighting, especially when the objects are lamps! Sean used bracketing to capture these images of Donnelly's wall sconces and of his handmade driftwood lamps. Sean first shot at Donnelly's Alexandria studios ten years ago, and most recently was in Marathon to shoot a portable table made by Dan.

Qatar Airways social media posts Sean's work

Doha to New York City with our Airbus A350

Watch the journey of the world's first commercial Airbus A350 flight to the United States.

Posted by Qatar Airways on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

AT LEFT: The A350 arrives in the USA on a record commercial flight, Doha to JFK, and Sean was on the runway when the plane landed. Shot with Helmuth Humphrey for Qatar Airways and posted on the Qatar Airways Facebook page.

Claudia's Favorite Things

Above and Right: Grace Lowe and Isabel Vera model for Claudia's Favorite Things, a clothing aggregator coming to eBay in 2016. Shot by Sean at the Yellow Shoppe Studio.

Dan Donnelly Design Studio

Chairs and seats of all types from the nation's leading art deco furniture dealer. Shot at Sean's studio.